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Catalog Year 2021-2022

University of California Requirements

UC Merced General Education Requirements
School of Natural Sciences Major Requirements

University of California Requirements

I. University of California Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR)
II. University of California American History and Institutions Requirement

UC Merced General Education Requirements

Lower Division Common Course Requirements
I. Spark Seminar
II. Written Communication
III. Quantitative Reasoning
IV. Language

Upper Division Common Course Requirements
I. Crossroads Course
II. Writing in the Discipline
III. Culminating Experience

Approaches to Knowledge
I. AREA A: Natural and Engineering Science
II. AREA B: Social Science, Arts and Humanities

Intellectual Experience Badges

These required Badges can be achieved in various courses, including required Quantitative Reasoning, Language, Crossroads, Writing in the Discipline, and Integrative Culminating Experience General Education courses. They can also be achieved in Approaches to Knowledge courses, courses in the major, minor and elective courses. Courses can be used to satisfy more than one Intellectual Experiences Badge, but not more than two.

To emphasize the ways GE is part of the entire curriculum, at least three of the courses used to fulfill Intellectual Experience Badges must be upper division. The Crossroads course and the Integrative Culminating Experience in the major satisfy two of these upper division requirements.

Courses taken to achieve Badges must be taken for a letter grade and may not be taken on a pass/no pass basis unless the course is only offered on a pass/no pass basis. You must complete all courses with a C-or better.

The required Intellectual Experiences are:


1. Scientific Method

6. Diversity and Identity

2. Literary and Textual Analysis

7. Global Awareness

3. Media and Visual Analysis

8. Sustainability

4. Quantitative and Numerical Analysis

9. Ethics

5. Societies and Cultures of the Past



School of Natural Sciences Major Requirements 2021-2022

Major area lower and upper division course and emphasis track requirements are unique to each major. Sample plans are listed for each emphasis below for students admitted as freshmen. Transfer students should consult with their academic advisor for a sample plan.

***Disclaimer: Please note that these sample plans are subject to change at any time per faculty recommendation/and or review. Please refer to your major advisor for any questions related to your degree requirements.***


Applied Mathematical Sciences

See course flow chart here.

Biological Sciences

See course flow chart here.

Environmental Systems Science

See course flow chart and sample plan.


See course flow chart here.

Chemical Sciences
See course flow chart here.