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Prerequisite Coursework Taken Outside UC Merced


Per School of Natural Sciences Policy, a student must show proof of current enrollment in any courses that will serve as prerequisites for the next academic term, prior to receiving an override from their academic advisor.

Once a student can show proof of enrollment (screenshot of course schedule, including name of student and institution clearly displayed), please send it to your academic advisor and request an override to register for the next course in the sequence (i.e., student is taking CHEM 010 equivalent at a community college over the summer, and they need an override to take CHEM 008 in the Fall). Our registration system is unable to recognize that a prerequisite is being met, if courses are taken elsewhere. The proof of enrollment allows academic advisors to place an override that will bypass that lack of recognition and allow a student to register for necessary coursework.

The academic advisor will provide the student with a conditional override, contingent upon the successful completion of summer courses. Failure to provide proof of successful completion course, or failure of any coursework, will result in the override being revoked and the student will be dropped from any courses they no longer meet the prerequisite for.