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Useful Resources

Study Abroad Information for Natural Sciences
Are you interested in participating in a Study Abroad program? Click here to view our Study Abroad Information page to know what steps to take in planning for studying abroad.

Excel! Academic Success Program
The School of Natural Sciences recognizes there are many challenges students face in adjusting to the rigors of a math and science curriculum, so the Excel! program was created. Our goal is to connect interested students with people and information they need to excel in math and science.

CalTeach/ UC Science and Math Initiative
California has an enormous shortage of well-trained science and mathematics teachers. The CalTeach, the University of California, Science and Math Initiative is a new UC wide program initiated by the Governor of California and the University of California President to prepare and support students who are interested in becoming K-12 math and science teachers.

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator
The School of Natural Sciences is currently working on a GPA calculator designed specifically for UC Merced Natural Science Majors. In the meantime you can use the above link to help you determine your GPA