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Calculus Competency Exam

Math 11, Calculus I and Math 12, Calculus II. (FAQs can be found hereThese courses are designed to meet the needs of students needing two or fewer semesters of calculus to meet their educational objectives. 

Switching Between Tracks
Switching between tracks is not encouraged. Students from any major may take Math 21 with advisor approval provided they demonstrate educational need for Math 21 and 22.

Students who successfully complete MATH 11 and 12 and need to continue on in coursework requiring MATH 22 as a course requisite will need to pass a MATH 22 competency exam or may enroll in MATH 22. If MATH 22 is successfully completed the grade for MATH 22 will replace the grade for MATH 12 and the student will only receive grade points and units for MATH 22.

Students who wish to switch from MATH 11 to MATH 22 will need to pass a MATH 21 competency exam or may enroll in MATH 21. If MATH 21 is successfully completed the grade for MATH 21 will replace the grade for MATH 11 and the student will only receive grade points and units for MATH 21.

Students need an advisor override to enroll in Math 21 after successfully completing Math 11 or in Math 22 after successfully completing Math 12. Please note the grade points and units from the first course will be removed from the student’s record, but the grade assigned at each enrollment shall be permanently recorded. Students pursuing this option elect to nullify units from a previous semester and need to be advised and understand the potential implications to their time to degree and financial aid.

Competency exams will be administered three times per year. One exam date for each semester (Fall, Summer, Spring) and will be scheduled on the Friday prior to instructional start. Students who need to register to take a Math 21 or Math 22 competency exam must register at least one week prior to the exam date to reserve space. Exams will be graded in time to inform students of the results by the first day of instruction.

Registration for the Spring exam is now open. The next exam will be held on January 6th, 2023.  Register for the exam here.

The exam will be held via Zoom from 9-12, unless otherwise noted. Student who have signed up for the exam will receive a link, prior to the exam date.

In preparation for the exam:

  • A reminder email will be sent out, one week before the exam
  • Exam will be emailed to you, right at the start time for exam (9 a.m.)
  • You will be required to be on camera, while taking the exam. A Zoom link will be sent in the reminder email.
  • You will be expected to email your work/answers to the math faculty upon completion of exam
  • Calculators are not allowed to be used

For more information about competency exams please go to: Competency Exams FAQ

Note: The math faculty strongly recommend students taking the calculus competency exam(s) prepare using the required text for MATH 021 and/or 022.