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Biological Sciences Course Series

Effective Fall 2023, the introductory BIO course series for majors will change such that:

BIO 11 & BIO 11L are equivalent to BIO 2 & BIO 2L, respectively
BIO 12 & BIO 12L are equivalent to BIO 1 & BIO 1L, respectively

These changes will result in course content being more modernized.  Course content for both courses will be more coordinated and will allow for a smoother transition for students.  Curriculum realignment will improve articulation with introductory courses at other institutions.

The decision charts below should assist academic advisors and students in identifying their next course(s) in the sequence.  Your academic advisor is available to assist you with determining which course is appropriate for you.  Academic advisor contact information is available at

Frequenty Asked Questions:

Q:  What if I attempted but didn't pass BIO 1 & 1L?
A:  Take BIO 11 & 11L and then proceed to BIO 12 & 12L.  The prior earned grades in BIO 1 and BIO 1L will be excluded and replaced with the grades earned in BIO 12 & 12L.

Q:  What if I take an approved BIO 1/1L equivalent at the community college in Summer 2023?  
A:  The new courses start in Fall 2023 and we will honor any current approved equivalencies in Summer 2023.

Q:  I completed the BIO 1/1L -2/2L series. How will I meet course prerequisites now?
A:  All courses have been updated to reflect prerequisites for both the old and new series.  Refer to the online schedule of classes for current prerequisites.

Q:  I've already completed BIO 1, 1L, BIO 2 and 2L.  Do I need to take the new series?
A:  No.  The requirements are met and you do not need to take the new courses.

Guidance for Incomplete Series:

Guidance for Course Repeats: