Calculus Competency Exam

Calculus Competency Exam

The Calculus Competency exams will be administered three times per year.  The exam will be offered on the Friday prior to instructional start. Students who need to register to take a MATH 021 or MATH 022 competency exam must register two weeks prior to the exam date to reserve space.

Students who successfully complete MATH 011 and 012 and need to continue on in coursework requiring MATH 022 as a course requisite will need to pass a MATH 022 competency exam or may enroll in MATH 022. If MATH 022 is successfully completed, the grade for MATH 022 will replace the grade for MATH 012. The student will only receive grade points and units for MATH 022.

Students who wish to switch from MATH 011 to MATH 022 will need to pass a MATH 021 competency exam or may enroll in MATH 021. If MATH 021 is successfully completed the grade for MATH 021 will replace the grade for MATH 011 and the student will only receive grade points and units for MATH 021.

Note: The math faculty strongly recommend students taking the calculus competency exam(s) prepare using the required text for MATH 021 and/or 022.


The next Calculus Competency Exam is scheduled for August 18th, from 9-12 in S&E 1 270K.


Registration for the Fall competency exam is now open.