My name is Angelo Aragon and I participated in the NatureBridge program through CalTeach. NatureBridge is a 3 to 5 day outdoor education program geared towards grades 4-12 with its main goal to have students learn about environmental science in a more hands-on...


Hello my name is Angela Van. I am a third year majoring in Biology with a Human emphasis. I have had the opportunity to travel abroad the past two summers to Vietnam and Peru. Since there’s so much to share for both trips, I will just share my experience abroad in Peru.


My name is Jeremy Mak and I participated in the California Ecology and Conservation program during Fall 2015. First, let me elaborate on what the program is all about. California Ecology and Conservation is a semester long course that provides students with hands-on field research experience...


As told by Ted Baza, Academic Advising Mentor

1) What...


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What are your day to day tasks?


As undergraduate research assistants, as well as students of the University of California, Merced, running experiments, making it to class, and making sure you have enough time to do everything else in between requires a lot of planning.


           Most students that I meet have ...


Whether you are have too much or too little to do, there are some exercises you can do to better manage your time. Managing your time can relieve your thoughts from planning your day, creating a timeline for your projects, or even just help you become more efficient than you are now. Here are...


Erica Robbins

Director of Student Services & Pre-Health Advisor