Graduation and Commencement

If your Audit has turned completely green, that means you're ready to graduate!


If you are a senior planning to graduate, you will need to complete the Graduation Application for the term in which you will complete your degree requirements.  Participation in the Commencement ceremony is separate from the Graduation Application itself. 

The graduation application deadlines each year are:
Finishing in Spring?  ----->     Apply online September 16—February 15
Finishing in Summer? --->     Apply online September 16—June 15
Finishing in Fall? --------->     Apply online February 16—September 15

Advisors will review Graduation Applications throughout the semester and your application will be denied if you will not be completing your requirements for the term in which you have applied.  If your application is denied, you will need to submit a Graduation Term Refile form.

Honors at Graduation

Information on honors at graduation can be found at


Students must have a Graduation Application on file with the Registrar prior to completing the Commencement Participation Application. Students may choose to participate in the Commencement ceremony if they completed their degree requirements the prior fall, or if they anticipate completing their degree requirements in spring or summer.

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**Students planning to graduate Fall 2016 or Summer 2017, but wish to participate in the May 2017 commencement will still need to complete the graduation application for the appropriate term during the filing period, however you will need to file the Graduation Application by February 15 in order to participate in May 2017 Commencement.